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In-person training has resumed! For up-to-date information, please click here

Previous training:

Actor Training – Starting May 2021
6-Week actor training 2021
6-Week actor training starting February 2021


Directed, filmed and edited this during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2021:

Meisner-based acting training

Introduction to Meisner-based acting technique

Arch 504, 504 Ridgeway Road, Brixton, London SW9 7EX
The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St, London E1 5LJ
Hastings Actors Studio
As It Is actors studio  – The Chelsea Theatre, World’s End Place, 7 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 0DR
Aspire Centre, Southfields, London SW18

Fourth Monkey, The Monkey House, 97-101 Seven Sisters Road, London N7 7QP


In-person training has resumed! Please click here for up-to-date information about classes, courses and workshops

For those new to training with me you will be introduced to the principles and foundation exercises for developing the skills to reliably get to further depth with yourself, with your scene partner(s) and with the text in order to be able to ‘live truthfully in the given imaginary circumstances’.

For those continuing training, maintain your practise in listening and responding, truthfully in the moment to keep you open and responsive, and stay in good acting shape with a repetition workout in addition to opportunities for additional skills practise.

Drop-in sessions are £30/£20* if booked individually or £25/£18* each when booking 3 or more in advance.

Warm-up and practise of the repetition exercise will typically take place at the beginning of the session.

To confirm your place please pay in advance and either message me here or email to confirm which date(s) you are booking and to receive details on how to pay.

If you would like to follow the course programme you can sign-up for six consecutive weekly sessions for £170/£110* during which you will progress to develop further specific skills including:
– Listening and responding, giving and receiving, with focus on the repetition exercise
– Emotional preparation
– Working on scenes
– Working on character
– Working on relationships
– Improvisations
– Script analysis
– Working with tools
In addition, I hold vocal and physical workshops, sometimes in collaboration with visiting teachers.

*For union members, unwaged, students, those in receiving benefits and/or foodbank vouchers. If you have difficulty paying for your training, please get in touch.

Observers are welcome by prior arrangement. The fee for observing is £10 per class.

If you are interested in enrolling in the course programme or in observing, please email me at

There will be opportunities to share work with an audience during the year.

Coming soon – As It Is actors studio @ The Chelsea Theatre
Introductory workshop – Teacher: Lawrence O’Connor
For anyone interested in the Meisner Technique approach to acting training that enables its practitioners to ‘live truthfully in given imaginary circumstances.
Fee: pay-what-you-can

Coming soon – As It Is actors studio @ The Chelsea Theatre
1 day skills workshop – Teacher: Lawrence O’Connor
For those who have trained previously or have attended an introductory workshop.
In this mixed-level workshop participants will work on basic skills training as well as more advanced elements of the technique, including working from text and developing scenes.

Coming soon – As It Is actors studio @ The Chelsea Theatre
Performance – Teacher: Lawrence O’Connor
All are invited to attend to observe the technique in performance as applied to short pieces that those training are working on.

Introductory workshop 
For anyone interested in the Meisner Technique approach to acting training that enables its practitioners to ‘live truthfully in given imaginary circumstances.
Fee: pay-what-you-can

Email if you are interested in attending an introductory session, workshop or performance use the contact form below to reserve your place.
Open to anyone from any background. All levels of skill and experience welcome.

Rooted in the principles developed and pioneered by Sanford Meisner. This approach that enables deeper contact with yourself and those you work with by teaching you to listen and respond, truthfully and instinctively in the moment may give you a different understanding of what acting is . Be prepared to be surprised.
During the introductory workshops, you will experience the technique’s foundation exercises to develop skills in being able to be fully present and to respond fluidly and intuitively in the moment.

Click here for details and sign-up for future scheduled classes, courses, workshops and mutual support & practise sessions. 

Six week Meisner-based acting foundations course

Please send your details using the contact form below if you would like to receive updates when the next course dates are announced.

Six week Meisner-based acting continuation course

This course is for those with experience/training in Meisner-based acting technique.

During the course, you will:

– Deepen your listening and responding,giving and receiving skills.

– Work on developing skill in emotional preparation

– Further develop improvisation skills

– Work with text

If you are interested in the continuation training course, please contact me as soon as possible. Places are limited and are by invitation, only.
Please send your details using the contact form below if you would like to hear about upcoming dates for the continuation course.

Drop-in sessions

During drop-ins we work on Meisner technique-based skills including
– Listening and responding, giving and receiving
– Emotional preparation
– Working on scenes
– Working on character
– Improvisations
– Script analysis

Training participants will have the opportunity to apply to continue their training and have the opportunity to become part of the As It Is theatre company, to work together on performance projects.

Individual sessions

Tailored to suit your needs. Training, practise, audition preparation, coaching, group-work, one-to-ones, on Meisner technique, on scene-work, on character-work on improvisation, and text-work, from beginner to advanced.
20% reduction in individual session fees for those who have completed a foundations or continuation course with Meisner Technique, London or with St Leonards Meisner.

Email, call 07947 236 435 or use the form below if are interested in future workshops, classes and courses. You can also click here to join my mailing list.

What previous participants have said:

I feel the benefits already of the practise, i wanted to say heartfelt thanks for holding the space, for your help to keep us out of our heads and to begin to to express whatever was really being felt .

I enjoyed the feeling of trust within the group

your seeing, your tone (both firm, tender and vulnerable) made for a great space, as did your wisdom in remarks such as ‘some feelings in the body want to spread’, and ‘which ever of the image or feeling in the body is stronger, go with that.’ These were both illuminating and timely for me.

Your seeing and offering of the right intervention was inspired and your boldness to keep with the uncomfortable felt courageous and safe.”

I am transformed! Or rather my way of being is transformed, and therefore my whole experience of the world is transformed.

By being in the moment with a person and connecting, I realise as you said that I am full and enough.

In such a short space of time I turned around my perception and experience… I realise I don’t have to do anything to be “interesting”

Thank you so much for sharing the technique in St.Leonards, I’m glad I attended yesterday. keen to continue this work and very much look forward to a course soon.”
Lawrence enabled me to discover a confidence I didn’t know I
had as he encouraged me to delve deep into uncomfortable feelings. I was surprised to encounter very real emotions within our acting scenario. I am truly grateful to him for his kindness and expertise that day, he’s a really great guy and I hope I get the chance to work with him again.”


Click here for further testimonials

These sessions are open to those with experience and training with Meisner Technique.
We work on whatever the participants have brought to work on including text analysis, repetition, as ifs, emotional prep, improvisations, relationships, getting (re-)connected or even line-learning, Meisner-style.

If you are interested in participating and would like more information about dates/venues, please sign-up to receive updates at: or use the form below.

Private individual and group training
I am available to work with individuals and small groups on request. The sessions cover any area required including audition preparation, text-analysis, characterisation and scenework.

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