Diagnosed in September 2022 with an advanced adenocarcinoma after months of return visits to hospitals for investigation, that at the doctors’ best guess had started growing in June 2021, and with the support of other fellow Buddhist practitioners I galvanised myself to a personal campaign – to transform the ‘mud’ of this difficult karma into the beautiful ‘lotus’ of Buddhahood through my Buddhist practise- which, encouraged to do so by my Buddha-warrior friend Dave W, I gave a name: MUD INTO LOTUS! and, in one of the long nights of insomnia that now accompany my disease and my treatment, I felt inspired to create an image to encapsulate my campaign, the result of which I have shared above.

I came to realise that every one of us has that seemingly intractable ‘thing’ in our lives that we want to change and I encourage all those I talk to about it use this campaign to transform the mud of their own negative karma into the beautiful lotus flower of the expression of their own Buddhahood in the world.

I like image of the fist of determined defiance combined with the lotus of the Lotus Sutra, the core teaching of my practise. I plan to get some stickers made of it to stick on various things in my environment to help keep the spirit of my campaign in mind, particularly on those dark days when it seems as if there is no hope.

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