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“I’m really enjoying our sessions.  Feels like a very supportive and exciting environment for me to tell the truth – I like what you said about stepping into what is there in order to get through to the other side.”
~ Kate Hilder, Meisner-based acting foundations course

 The course and teacher are excellent!! He is very experienced and gentle. Full of sence of safety is in the class so participants can try their skill without anxiety. Thank you Lawrence. 
 ~Miki Hiramoto, Meisner-based acting foundations course

“Working with Lawrence was one of the deepest experiences I ever had. To find our true responses we worked hard to rip off those masks that we unconsciously put in ourselves in order to live “safely” in society. Lawrence is an inexhaustible digger and he, sometimes gently, sometimes harder, depending on what is needed, will guide you and help you to find that treasure behind all the rubbish. I’m just waiting for a new opportunity to work with him again”
~ Diego Akselrad, Actor and Film Maker

“We were very grateful that you not only jumped straight into the work, but you were also incredibly generous with your feedback and insights…We will certainly keep you at the top of our list for future”
“many of the yr 2&3 students in Film & TV know Lawrence O’Connor… They speak very highly of your acting talent. “
~ David Knight, Film Maker & Course leader, University of the Arts, London

“Thank you for your thoughts and indeed contributions…you offered something very inspiring”
Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Film Maker

“very beneficial for confidence building, and personally, to gain a stronger sense of who I am. Your gift is that you are someone who I believe can inspire students to give their best.”
~ Stella, Meisner-based acting introduction

¨Putting into practice everything I’ve learnt from the Meisner sessions has been really helpful and made me realise that there is so much more I can learn so I’m looking forward to getting back to them as soon as I can. See you soon!¨
~ Stuart Miller, Actor

¨…your guts, I would trust them with my life.¨
~ Diego Akselrad, Actor and Film Maker

” An enthusiastic, creative, generous, warm, and engaging teacher, Lawrence creates a relaxing atmosphere. He offers a high level of attention and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. His teaching style is extremely encouraging and leaves me feeling more optimistic about my ability to learn. For all of these reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend Lawrence.”
~ Jenni, pupil

‘a charismatic storyteller…with gentle strength’.
~Review in The Stage

THANK YOU Lawrence. For me it is a challenge but your encouragement and support plus that of the group has helped me through the journey. Look forward to taking it further.
~Pauline Langridge, Meisner-based acting technique continuation training
 “I feel the benefits already of the practise, I wanted to say heartfelt thanks for holding the space, for your help to keep us out of our heads and to begin to to express whatever was really being felt .

I enjoyed the feeling of trust within the group

your seeing, your tone (both firm, tender and vulnerable) made for a great space, as did your wisdom in remarks such as ‘some feelings in the body want to spread’, and ‘which ever of the image or feeling in the body is stronger, go with that.’ These were both illuminating and timely for me.

Your seeing and offering of the right intervention was inspired and your boldness to keep with the uncomfortable felt courageous and safe.”
~Hilary Watkins,  Meisner-based acting foundations course

“I am transformed! Or rather my way of being is transformed, and therefore my whole experience of the world is transformed.

By being in the moment with a person and connecting, I realise as you said that I am full and enough.

In such a short space of time I turned around my perception and experience… I realise I don’t have to do anything to be “interesting”

Thank you so much for sharing the technique in St.Leonards, I’m glad I attended yesterday.I’m keen to continue this work and very much look forward to a course soon.”
~Jane Raunchman, Meisner-based acting introduction
Five star reviews for teaching – First Tutors: https://www.firsttutors.com/uk/art/teacher/lawrence.acting-drama
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