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Insightful review of Never Ending Night

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Never Ending Night

Imagine walking into a beautiful bathroom, disrobing and letting the silk pool at your feet. Strutting over to the grand bath tub, your hand sways the litter of floating rose petals and your nose sniffs the candle’s scent of black raspberry and vanilla (from Chickidee in case you’re wondering). Letting the steam vaporise all senses, you lie back and think of England Theatre Land…until your email pings and you get head dunked into the bubbles of immersive theatre!

I’ve experienced the canapés of immersive theatre (thanks to Liliom and The Trojan Women), but never devoured a full course. For some, performing can be a little heavy on the stomach. I prefer to shy away from the spotlight as my humiliating stage fright days still haunt me. However, the invitation to see Never Ending Night at The Vaults landed and I had the unusual hunger for the immersive theatre experience.


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