Shakespeare workout (

Shakespeare workout ( at the Actors Centre, London ( ) – 10th June 2010.
Director: Luke Dixon
During the course of the workshop, which was very hands-on, ‘in yer face’, Shakespeare performance work, a number of background tidbits were thrown-up.
It was inspiring to learn that Shakespeare’s works were performed in Africa ( ) during his lifetime.
Also interesting was that that, again during his lifetime, a replica of the The Globe was built in Gadansk in which his works were performed.

A couple of truly great professional actors participated and so I was treated to a masterclass in how to ‘conjur-up a silence’.

Some great tips/reminders included:
1. Get away from the text from time-to-time e.g. just express the sense with whatever means necessary.
2. Break-up/change the space – avoid ruts.
3. Take risks.
4. Concept of ‘meta-theatre’.
5. Remember:
a. In Shakespeare’s day, acting was a new profession.
b. It was more about hearing a play than seeing a play.
c. The space was noisy.
d. The sun was in the actors’ eyes in the afternoons, at certain times of year (not in the audience’s, as in the recreated Globe).

During the workshop we worked on:
– Hamlet’s advice to the players ( )
– Portia’s speech to Bassiano over the caskets ( )
– Mercucio’s queen Mab speech from Romeo & Juliet ( )
– Lady M’s ‘sticking place’ speech ( )
– Juliet’s realisation speech following Romeo’s being ‘banished’ ( )

Participating were:Luke, Susan, Paul, Evis, Micheal, George & myself.

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