What does one do when one wakes up (The Matrix revisited?)

Skimmed tpuc.co.uk. So here’s the thing for me: I was already sold on the idea that many of the components that I had taken for granted as core to my permission for participation as a member of humanity are, in actual fact, just ideas and that some of which are, ultimately, to my detriment e.g. The negative aspects of my birth certificate as a document of ownership of the state [and therefore those who own the state] over my ‘legal’ [slave] identity. And that, in many cases, people are willingly and happily allowing themselves to be farmed like cattle in exchange for rewards of much less true value than that which they are selling e.g. Cash for Authenticity/freedom [ok, yes, what is ‘freedom’- that’s a big discussion for another time].
My problem then is: having arrived at this perspective, what am I to do? How does this serve me/others? Am I destined to now spend my remaining years shouting at windmills?
Much meditation required…

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