Debut writer pens play telling the real story about food banks

Proud to be a part of this production which is creating an impact. The extent of which none of us could have forseen.



A new play written by food bank worker Tara Osman has opened at the Calder Book Shop Theatre in London.

Food Bank As It Is recounts real life stories about the growing number of people in the UK who are reliant on food banks and explores how benefit sanctions and delays can have a catastrophic effect on individual lives.

“I was moved to start writing this play several months in to my job as a food bank support worker and subsequently manager of a London food bank,” explains Osman.

“I was becoming increasingly aware that many people, including countless children, are going hungry because the welfare benefits system is not fit for purpose.”

“Sanctions, delays in making payments, decisions to stop payments without notification and delays in appeals being heard all mean that people are left for weeks and often months with no income. This can mean no money for…

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