I began playing guitar some forty years ago, mainly self-taught in blues, folk and classical.

As a professional stage performer from and early age (I had my debut as a paid, professional actor at the age of 11) I understood the merit of developing a solid technique as the foundation to enable creative freedom. To that end I taught myself to  pass the ABRSM grades for guitar and music theory.

From 1985-86 I was lucky enough to be accepted as a pupil of the late Phillip John Lee, who was described at ‘the greatest flamenco guitarist to come from the UK’.  Through his training I discovered a new and powerful and rhythmic voice through the instrument and techniques that I was able to incorporate into my own method. Through the flamenco form I deepened my understanding of how structure, solid technique and a disciplined regime supports musical freedom and improvisation.

In 1986 I was in a collision with a car while riding my motorbike. My left arm and wrist were shattered and my radial nerve, which enables the fingers to flex, was damaged and no longer functioned.  I was told that there was almost no chance of regaining use of my hand. After a long period of surgery and intensive therapy, I began to be able to make small movements and began to build my guitar technique again. This gave me the opportunity to refine and develop an approach that enables optimal strength and flexibility which, in-turn, enable freedom and creativity for the player.

I continually refine and improve my technique and method and enjoy passing-on this learning to my guitar students.

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